Fat Injection

What is fat injection, fat transfer, fat fillers?


Fat injection/transfer/fillers entails procedures where patient’s own fat tissue is removed with special methods from the belly, thighs or jowl and injected to the facial areas to give volume and rejuvenate the appearance.

How long does the effect of fat fillers last?

Depending on the area transferred, the permanance of 50 – 60% of the fat is around 4 – 5 years.

What are the regions where fat fillers can be used?

They are used to give volume to the chin, cheeks, eyebrows, temples, forehead, nasolabial wrinkles (around the nose and mouth) and collapse under eyes.


Can moles (nevus) be removed, would it leave any skin marks?

Even though, removal of moles is not perceived favorably by public, simple moles which most of them are, can be removed under local anesthesia with plastic incisions that leave minimum skin marks. All masses removed are sent for pathology analysis as a routine procedure.